Car and MPV Training.

This course provides training for organisations operating smaller vehicles and delivers the same level of training to their drivers as the MiDAS provides for Minibus Drivers.

It follows the same modular format as the MiDAS Minibus training and there is additional training available for those who may drive acessible MPV`s ( multi purpose vehicles ) and passenger assistant training for those who may be transporting passengers with disablilities in cars. 

Objectives of MiDAS Car and MPV

  •  Be observed to ensure that their driving skills are of an acceptable standard
  •  Be aware of the legal, practical and safety issues surrounding carrying passengers
  •  Be trained in the safe use of accessible MPV`s where necessary
  • Receive a certificate that is accepted by other MiDAS members. 

Potential benefits of MiDAS Car and MPV

  •  Enhanced passenger safety
  •  Improved passenger comfort
  •  Increased driver confidence
  •  Reduced stress on Drivers
  •  Potential reduction in vehicle running costs
  •  Potential reduction in insurance premiums
  •  Better image for organisations.